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Our Environmental Team

2022 - 2023 Captain:

Ryan Okamura & Alyssa Esparza|

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Environmental Design Competition encourages students to gain experience in designing and building low-tech, unconventional water treatment systems. Participating students will learn of the required procedure to remove contaminants from drinking water without the technology or budget of a full water treatment facility.


By conducting research, testing alternatives, and finalizing a water treatment design, each team will be prepared to demonstrate the simplicity of constructing their model and its efficacy to remove harmful contaminants.


The goals of this competition are to inspire innovation, create an awareness of the water quality needs outside of the United States, and provide future water quality engineers with invaluable hands-on experience.

For more information, contact email or come by the ASCE office located at EN3-112!

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