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As a student chapter residing in the Los Angeles County, our goal is to provide our members the opportunity to get involved in the civil engineering community within the region. LA YMF has been a great support in helping make this possible and ultimately allow our chapter to grow as a whole. Events such as the Annual Student Night and Job Fair, Neighborhood Beautification and Clean-Up, Popsicle Bridge Competition, and more were some our students have participated in the past. 


LA YMF has truly allowed our students to see the impact of the civil engineering profession can make in our communities.

Our Mission

To facilitate a voice to younger members' issues and concerns at the national and grass root levels. As a result, it will promote participation, increase membership activities, and encourage students to transfer to younger member status to secure the future of LA YMF and the Section. Increase participation from the membership in public issues will foster involvement of younger members and raised media attention in the public policy arena.

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