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Our Bridge Team

2022 - 2023 Captain:

Angelica Albesa |

Our Steel Bridge team designs, analyzes, fabricates, and constructs a 20-foot model steel bridge. The steel bridge designs incorporate factors such as making a bridge that is financially economical and structurally efficient with the quickest construction time.


During the Fall, team members work on the design of the bridge and collaborate on what the best decisions are based on the set of rules given each year. In the Spring, construction of the bridge parts begins, and then at PSWS they compete against other ASCE chapters of the Southwest region. At PSWS, the Steel Bridge team will put together the bridge, racing against the clock to get a better time than other schools.


The bridge is scored by construction speed, lightness, stiffness, construction economy, and structural efficiency. Having it being built on the spot is what makes it exciting and fun. No matter what year you are, we encourage you to get involved in this cool hands-on project!


For more information, contact email or come by the ASCE office located at EN3-112!

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