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Due to the unique geographical location of our student chapter, we also get the opportunity to participate in OC YMF events. These events have tremendously allowed our officers and members to develop as young professional engineers.


Some OC YMF events and social gatherings we've participated in are the Resume and Mock Interview Workshops, Dream Big K-12 Outreach Event, History & Heritage Student Scholarship Night, and much more! These events have allowed us to represent the OC region on a larger scale. We plan to continue to work closely with the other OC universities, UCI and CSUF, to promote, improve, collaborate, share our experiences to become a stronger alliance. With the guidance of our YMF and Branch members, we can all represent the OC section while promoting professionalism, character, scholarship and community service with our chapter.


If you have any questions and/or interested in becoming more involved with the OC YMF, as either a student member or a civil engineering professional, please contact our CSULB YMF Liaison on for more information.

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