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Our Timber Strong Team

2022 - 2023 Captains:

Jose Paz & Valerie Cortes |

The Timber Strong Design-Build Competition is where students come together to design and build a creative two-story wood framed building that is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and structurally durable. The competition enables students to gain experience in real world engineering. Through performing aspects of common structural engineering design and practice as well as gain exposure to the management and building practices used in construction environments. The duties involved are proposing a project bid, creating structural and architectural drawings, constructing a sustainable and durable structure, estimating the cost of materials, and utilizing vendors and sponsors.


The design and construction phases, although they occur throughout the year. The design is heavily worked on during the fall semester and the Construction phase is carried out during winter break all the way through the spring semester. Once all panels have been prefabricated and the structure has been completed the team heads to the PSWS competition, typically held during spring break.


There at the competition the team has about ninety minutes to safely assemble the structure. Upon completion they are scored on accuracy, speed, aesthetics, and sustainability. Regardless of how many points are earned or not, the feeling of completing a project of such magnitude with your team is the best prize. The great thing about the competition is that no experience is needed, and it’s open to every major and everybody!

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