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Our Surveying Team

2022 - 2023 Captain:

Rafael Sanchez |

Our Surveying team practices surveying techniques commonly used in the surveying industry. Techniques utilized include: pacing, leveling, and construction stakeout. The Surveying team also learns and uses the program Civil 3D to create a topographic map.


In the Fall, members work to practice four common field surveying techniques using hands-on equipment. In the Spring, once rules for the topographic map are released, members will work with Civil 3D to create and submit a topographic map about a month before the PSWS competition. At PSWS, members of the Surveying team will compete with other ASCE chapters in the four field tasks as well as present their topographic map. 


The field tasks are judged based on the accuracy of the measurements taken as well as the speed at which they were completed. Regardless of the extent of your experience with surveying, one could benefit from the skills learned for your future career while having fun and making connections!

For more information, contact email or come by the ASCE office located at EN3-112!

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